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'S e Diardaoin a th' ann
It's Thursday
Bha mi ag obair an-dè
I was working yesterday
Dè tha sibh a' dèanamh an-diugh?
What are you doing today? (polite/pl)
Tha mi a' leughadh leabhar an-diugh
I'm reading a book today
Am bi sibh ag obair a-màireach?
Will you be working tomorrow? (polite/pl)
Bidh mi trang a-màireach
I will be busy tomorrow
Dè bhios sibh a' dèanamh Disathairne?
What will you be doing on Saturday?
Bidh mi a' cluich ball-coise Disathairne
I will be playing football on Saturday
Bidh mi a' snàmh a h-uile Disathairne
I go swimming every Saturday
an taigh beag
the toilet
Càite bheil an taigh beag?
Where is the toilet?
A bheil Iain anns an taigh bheag?
Is Iain in the toilet?
Càit' a bheil sibh?
Where are you? (polite/pl)
Dùin an doras!
Shut the door!