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Tha mi leisg
I am lazy
’S e neach-reic a th’ innte
She is a salesperson
’S e tidsear a th’ innte
She is a teacher
A bheil an t-uisge ann?
Is it raining?
’S e là fuar a th’ ann.
It is a cold day.
Tha Alba nas fhuaire na Astràilia.
Scotland is colder than Australia
Tha Astràilia nas blàithe na Alba
Australia is warmer than Scotland
Tha i nas fhiadhaiche an-diugh
It is wilder today
Tha i nas grianaiche an-diugh
It is sunnier today
Tha i nas teotha an-diugh
It is hotter today
Chan eil sgòth anns an adhar
There isn't a cloud in the sky
Bha an t-uisge ann fad an là an-dè.
It rained all day yesterday.
mo mháthair
my mother
do mháthair
your mother
a mhathair
his mother