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Idioms (pull, pick, put, set)

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to pick up
to learn very fast
to put sb up
to provide someone with a place to stay temporarily
to put sb out
to cause trouble or extra work for someone; to annoy or upset someone, often by what you do or say to them
to put sb on
to persuade someone that something is true when it is not, usually as a joke
to pull sth off
to succeed in doing something difficult or unexpected
to set back
to delay
to put back
to postpone (=to put off)
to pick sb's pocket
to steal small objects, especially money, from someone's pockets or bag
to put sth together
to put the parts of something in the correct places and join them to each other
to set up
to make sth ready to use
to set in
to begin and seem likely to continue
to put off
to postpone (= to put back)
to put sb up
to provide someone with a place to stay temporarily
to put sb off
to tell someone that you cannot see them or do something for them, or to stop someone from doing something, until a later time
to pick up the bill
to pay for something, often something that is not your responsibility
to pull out
to leave a place
to pull in
to drive off the road
to pull up
to stop (a car) for a short time
to pick up speed
to drive faster
to pick ones brains
to use sbs knowledge
to set sb about sth
to make someone begin doing something
to put sth forward
to propose an idea; to advance an idea
to put sth over / across
to express an idea clearly so that people understand it
to pick holes in sth
to find mistakes in something someone has done or said, to show that it is not good or not correct
to pull the wool over sb's eyes
to deceive someone in order to prevent them from knowing what you are really doing
to pick on sb
to victimise; to treat someone unfairly by criticizing or punishing them
to put sb down
to make someone feel silly or not important by criticizing them
to put sth down to sth
to think that a problem or situation is caused by a particular thing
to pull yourself together
to become calm and behave normally again after being angry or upset
to put on a smile
to pretend a smile
to put up with sth
to accept or continue to accept an unpleasant situation or experience, or someone who behaves unpleasantly