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honor system
a system (as at a college) whereby persons are trusted to abide by the regulations (as for a code of conduct) without supervision or surveillance
academic journal
scientific magazine
feed back
a reaction or response to a particular process or activity / evaluative information derived from such a reaction or response
inner ability
internal talent | skill
capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms ofmental activity; aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts,meanings, etc
multiple intelligence
is an approach to teaching, introduced by Howard Gardner in 1993, that focuses on his belief the learners' intelligence is not a single structure like IQ but a conglomerate of different types of "intelligences".
a short essay written as a school exercise / the act of combining parts or elements to form a whole
a short literary composition on a particular theme or subject, usually inprose and generally analytic, speculative, or interpretative
a flat, portable case for carrying loose papers, drawings, etc / the contents of such a case, such as drawings, paintings, or photographs, that demonstrate recent work
A task or piece of work allocated to someone as part of a job or course of study
unable to read and write
the ability to read and write
to encourage
to give support, confidence, or hope to (someone)
to force
to compel, constrain, or oblige (oneself or someone) to do something
well stocked
filled with a plentiful supply of something