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nursery school / pre-kindergarten
a school for children between the ages of two and five
an establishment where children below the age of compulsory education play and learn; a nursery school (In Britain and Australia); the first year of school, for children aged five (in USA)
primary / elementary
for the teaching of young children,especially those between five and eleven years old
a school in the UK for children above the age of eleven of allabilities
a fee-paying school for children of the ages of 8-13, often preparing them for entry into British public schools
relating to the education of children approximately between the ages of 11 and 18 years old
having male and female students being taught together in the same school or college rather than separately
vocational school (trade school)
providing skills and education that prepare you for a job
relating to or involving people in general, rather than being limited to a particular group of people
describes a school that is for either girls or boys, but not both
school for both sexes for both girls and boys
Grammar school
in the UK, a school for children aged between eleven and 18 who have passed an examination that shows they are good at studying; in the US, a school for children aged between five and 12 or 14
Boarding school
a school where students live and study
relating to the knowledge and methods of a particular subject or job
a school that does not receive financial support from the government
from, existing in, serving, or responsible for a small area, especially of a country
to promote from one class to another
to change classes
accredited online school
an institution that teaches courses entirely or primarily through online methods
message board
an internet discussion forum