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Ownership and Control of the Media

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Mass Media
The methods and organisations used to communicate to large audiences
Multiway network
Refers to various ways to allow audiences to interact with the media such as blogs, email and mobile phones
Marshall McLuhan
Suggested that changes in communication were the main force in change in society. And that communication technologies in society affected the way audiences see the world and the way they think
Means that developments in technology and the media actually change society
Means controlling the content of the media, by removing messages that may be considered offensive and harmful
Content Analysis (ways the research the media)
Measuring how often a word, phrase or theme is used in a piece of media. e.g. you could count how many times a new report used the words "economic crisis"
Content Analysis Disadvantages
It does take a long time to analyse very word on every media source plus it doesn't take context into account
Semiotics (ways to research media)
Studying the signs and codes of the media e.g. A word or image. Advertisements in particular use signs to associate their product with POSITIVE IDEAS
Semiotics Disadvantages
Is open to subjectivity as the values of the researcher influences how some interpret a sign or the relative importance they place on different signs in piece of media
Studying an actual response to media. Like monitoring people's behaviour after viewing a violent film
Experiments Disadvantages
People can behave differently when they know their in a experiment and short experiments don't tell you about long term media effects