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Theoretical Perspectives on News Values

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24 Hour News Channels
Have increased the choice of current affairs that are reported and the news coverage. Pluralists would point to these as examples of how media has plenty of CHOICE
Law of Libel
Allow people to seek legal compensation if they think the have been deframed. Pluralists point to this as an example of how the media is forced to present a HONEST picture of people on the news
Press Complaints Commission
Provide a place for the public to voice their distate of media content and the commission therefore pressure to ensure standards are maintained
News Values
Criteria used by journalists and editors to decided if a story is newsworthy i.e. what The Sun considers newsworthy isnt necessarily want The Times considers news worthy
Drama (Typical News Values)
Disaters like Earthquakes, plane crashes, wars are all "good" news stories. The Glasgow uni Media Group believes "bad news is good news"
Human Interest (Typical News Values)
Stories of human relationships, personal tragedy are all popular news values
Personalities (Typical News Values)
Important people and celebrities make good news stories. This is often combined with human interest. The sex and drugs of Amy Winehouse or Justin Bieber make great stories
Sensationalism (Typical News Values)
Extraordinary stories attract the attention of the public. The Sun and Mirror are notorious for this. i.e. A famous Sun headline is "Freddie Starr ate my hamster"
Proximity (Typical News Values)
News stories that focus on Britain or places we have close ties with such US, Europe or Australia. Stories on about crimes or people in the developing world are rare unless there is natural disaters
Visual Impact (Typical News Values)
Stories that have dramatic film or photographs make stories much more reportable. A story of a mugged pensioner is more newsworthy if the paper produces pictures of the injuries
Cohen and Young
argue that emphasisng bad news stories in poor nations, is done to make people feel that western capitalist countries are superior
Reporting of Ethnic Minorities
is mostly negative and Marxists believe this is done to DIVIDE the working classes on racial grounds
Marxists on immigration stories
These lot believe immigration stories ignite the white working classes to blame the immigrants for societys problems which DIVERTS attention away from the ones truly responsible- capitalist companies and the state