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Changes in News Coverage

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Dumbing Down
The idea that news has become more focused on popular culture or sensationalist stories which has made the news less challenging and less imformative
Foreign News Reporting
The emphasis is often on the immediate dramatic stories i.e. Nairobi mall bombings or middle eastern conflicts. However LONG TERM EFFECTS aren't often evaluated. So audiences only get a superficial understanding
The idea that news stories should have a beginning, middle and end. Journalists and editors try to fit stories into this structure
Narrative of Syria
The beginning was rebels against President Assad, the middle was use of chemical weapns and the public outcry. The end was western intervention and a happy ending. However the reality is that for Syrians there is no forseeable end
Asian Tsunami
This event of Dec 2004 was rightly portrayed as horrific natural disaster. However it didnt kill nearly as many people as recent wars in CONGO or SUDAN. Why is that this received more attention?
Boxing Day
The fact that the tsunami occured on this day made it more POIGNANT and created human interest.
Easy News Story
The tsunami was one of these because it gained alot of synpathy but little analysis of research. Reporters could just find a survior in a hospital and that interview would be a story
Western Tourists
the tsunamis affected regions where many of us have holidayed. It encouraged charitable giving as some british casualties had occured
Peter Phillips
makes the point that the period before the tsunami an estimated 100,000 civillians had died in the iraqi conflict yet the media coverage of these deaths was negligible
Process where theres a decline in serious news reporting in favour of more gossipy, entertainment news stories. e.g. The Sun and The Star