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Only fools and Horses
Showcase cockney conman Delboy a working class man who is often portrayed as immature, silly and forever doomed and never socially moving up
Studied US programme Ralph,Fred, Archie, Homer" and argues TV stereotypes of white working class men as irreposible buffons who require constant supervision of their betters
Royle Family
British family sitcom class stereotypes featuring idle father and long suffering mother who endlessly watch TV and wait for their lottery numbers to come up
of American households are manual workers yet only 4% of sitcoms feature a manual worker
Historical Dramas
Feature upper class characters and often portray them in extremely romantic and positive lights
Hall on class
He thought the media has always portrayed the middle classes in a positive light and the working ckass in a negative light. He says the media has reinforced class stereotypes which keeps the divide between the class going strong