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Disabled Representations

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Amount that disabled people have speaking roles in TV programmes yet they make up 20% of the adult programmes
Researched UK tv over six weeks, and found disabled people roles were based on pity or comedy. Disabled people were never characters who just happened to be disabled
Four Weddings and a funeral
Negrine noted some positive portrayals of DEAFNESS in this film
Experience of disability
Negrine found people who had a high degree of this were critical of the disabled stereotypes whereas those with little experience accepted the portrayals
Anne Karpf
Argued the media has two approaches to disability-either an obssesion with miracle cures or with disabled people as victims especially children
O'Sullivan and Jewkes
Argue that there are far more disabled people on TV&Film than there ever was, "Rainman", "My Left Foot" and "The Piano". And recent films like Blue Jasmine address mental illness
London Paralympics
The British media at this 2012 sporting event greatly represented disabled people as heroes and strong and there was less portrayal of the athletes as victims