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Binary Opposition
Means looking at the world in terms of pairs of opposites, i.e. Male and Female, gay/straight, good/bad
Levi Strauss
Argues that we apply this system of binary opposites to the world so that it appears to be natural, he suggests these opposites aren't natural at all but in fact socially constructed meanings
Unequal Opposites
Strauss believes that in one pair of binary opposites, one half is culturally marked as being more positive. For example the binary opposite of Male and female is that males are more positive
Edward Said
Suggested that western academics define the East of the world as 'the other' . He said that when the east is described as 'other' it implies that it is also inferior
Step 1 of message trajectory
Editors create media messages. Editors don't tend to be members of groups that are stereotyped I.e. Very few editors are female, disabled, black or under 25
Step 2 of message Trajectory
editors that create messages that reflect groups in power as editors know more about these groups. However it means groups like females that aren't in power have limited representative
Step 3 of message Trajectory
Messages are then recieved by the audience and interpretated in different ways by different people
Step 4 of message Trajectory
The media message then affects the role and treatment of social groups. The opinions and behaviours of individuals are influenced by media messages