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Gender Representations

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Only 6%
Of the top newspaper management was controlled by women
Found 90% of all advertising voice overs were male except for cleaning adverts were is was female dominated
Cumberbatch found this was the amount of men in adverts, women when featured were typically advertising domestic or cosmetic products
Noted that women in the media are often presented as ideals for other women to aspire to. And She reckons this has contributed to a rise in EATING DISORDERS
This feminist found that women were overwhelmingly presented in just being sexual or domestic whereas a man was portrayed often in authority and in control. She called this the symbolic annniliation
Children Now
Found that female characters were still under-represented in VIDEO GAMES, accounting for only 16% of all characters, and the majority of female characters were severely sexualised and scantily clad. GTA V is a good example of a video game that negatively portrays women
Argued that teenage girls' magazines traditionally prepared girls for feminized adult roles, and generated a 'cult of feminity' . This cult of feminity included themes like getting and keeping a partner, being a good wife/partner, keeping a family happy , what to wear, how to be a good cook and so on
Wolf and Tebbel
Identified the 6 stereotypes of women. They note women are more commonly shown indoors than outdoors and are presented as emotional and unpredictable.
(Wolf and Tebbel) The wives and girlfriends of men, or femme fatales, who are concerned with beauty, love, romance, being pretty and sexually attractive, being a good partner and getting and keeping their men.
Sex Object
(Wolf and Tebbel) Slim, sexually seductive, scantily clad figure typically found in the red top daily press , such as Sun and Daily Star newspapers, and their related newspapers, and their related websites like pg3.com, in advertising, or as objects of male fantasy in pornography
(Wolf and Tebbel) The happy home maker or part time worker, who is primarily concerned with childbearing, housework, cooking and family relationships. She keeps the family together and is both source and manager of family emotions
(Wolf and Tebbel) The female who is good and displays little sexuality and is sensitive and domesticated- she supports her man
Ball Breaker
(Wolf and Tebbel) The strong, independent, ambitious, career minded but ultimately selfish women who doesnt depend on men
The victim
(Wolf and Tebbel) as in many films and TV dramas, with men the cause of the problems but also their SAVIORS
In a study of female roles in TV dramas and films, showed women are being presented more as powerful 'tough girls', such as detectives, confronting danger and taking on roles that were once the preserve of men. Examples of this include Katniss, "Hunger Games".