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Gender Representations pt 2

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argues that a new form of popular feminism has emerged, shown in young womens magazines like Mizz, More and Sugar (now defunct but replaced with www.sugarscape.com) .These magazines promote assertiveness, enjoying sex. and encourage ambitious and independent young women. These magazines dont promote sweet and innocent women like in the past
Points out that females are taking strong roles in action movies or TV dramas i.e. Angellina Jolie, Lucy Liu , Kerry Washington. However they are always still attractive and glamourous thereby not a great change as they are still conforming to the male gaze. Nonetheless at least high powered roles have opened up for women
suggests that media portrayals of men are also changing, he argues male magazines "while sometimes going overboard with macho excess, they encourage men to understand women and face up to modern realities". The New Man, Metrosexual, Emo subcultures are rising which promote more emotional, caring men.
Cult of femininity
The promotion of a traditional ideal where excellence is achieved through caring for others, the family, marriage and appearance