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Ethnicity and Representations

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Suggests that media representations of ethnicity encourage media audiences to construct a sense of their identity by defining who 'we' are in relation to who 'we' are not
Argues we are seeing black and asians moving into more popular dramas and soaps i.e. Eastenders have more routinely appearing ethnic minority characters
Found that asians are massively under represented in TV, Radio and Music
Points to the narrow range of portrayals of black women in the media
Pointed out that eastern Europeans were being blamed for taking British jobs, coming for free healthcare and overcrowding schools. Most of these are exaggerated versions of the truth and have REINFORCED RACIAL PREJUDICES
of stories ONE WEEK after 9/11 was about the attacks and muslims. This was a 2007 report commission by the Mayor of London. This may have ignited Islamphobia
Dresden 2015
Anti Islam riots in this German city attracting thousands who all claimed that the city is being overrun by muslims even though the muslim population was less than 1%. This sort of unnecessary fear may have come from Islamphobic media
Desi Rascals
Sky1 reality show that provided a light hearted insight into the lives of many asians (typically Indians and Pakistanis) . These sorts of programmes provide better representations and can help change stereotypes
Discovered using semiotics that the every word 'Muslim' conjured up negative images of terrorism and extremism rather than "Mrs Ahmed who might be the mother of your best friend"
Symbolic Annihilation
Refers to the under representation and the bad stereotypes given to certain groups via the media. They are either condem e.g. Muslims, Black people or they are trivilised e.g. disabled people, Gay people