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Violence and the Media

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James Bulger Killing
When the two boys were convicted the judge summed up that the murder was caused by the two killer boys playing violent video games. This relates to the syringe model that violent films inject messages into people
In reference to the James Bulger case he argued that violent videos could lead to violent actions. Newson's review gained enormous media attention.
Claimed that research showed that media violence increased the likelihood of aggressive and violent behaviour
Heavily critcised Newson's report arguing that his findings were nothing more than speculation fuelled by the popular press
Newburn and Hagell
Studied over 1,000 cases and concluded that whilst children may display violent tendencies, they may of had these behaviours regardless of what they watched on TV
Broadcasting Standards Commission 2003
found that children are sophisticated media users and are fully aware that television production is a process and they knew that what they were watching was not reality
The idea that media violence reduces violence as it allows people to live out their violent tendancies in the fantasy world of the media rather than in the real world
suggested that repeated exposure of children to media violence has gradual 'drip-drop' long term effects and socialises audiences into accepting a culture of violence and seeing it as normal
Psychological Disturbance
Watching media violence frightens children, causing nightmares, sleeplessness, anxiety and depression and these effects may be long lasting
Found that those who watch more violent television, have exaggerated FEARS ABOUT CRIME. They are likely to overestimate risks of being victimized and believe their neighbourhoods are unsafe
The process by which, through repeated exposure to media violence, people come to accept violent behaviour as normal.