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Participatory Culture
(Jenkins) refers to a media culture in which the public do not act as consumers only but also as contributors only, but as contributors or producers of the media
Collective intelligence
(Jenkins) refers to the way new media allows users to collaborate and share knowledge resources and skills to build a shared or group intelligence that is greater than that of any one individual
of the UK population with no formal qualifications used the internet often, whereas 91% of those with qualifications used the internet. This suggests that there is a digital divide
suggests that patterns in internet access and use tend to reflect existing inequalities with many poorer families, unemployed, disabled, elderly being excluded form frequent internet use
shoiwed that it is healthy young and well educated people with higher incomes that are most likely to be frequent users of the internet with other more disadvantaged groups being left behind and a DIGITAL UNDERCLASS was forming
Digital divide
refers to the gap between those with effective access to the digital and information technology making up to the media and those who lack such access
points out that the younger generations are more media savvy . They are more likely to consume media in a variety of formats, such as watching TV on their mobiles or Ipads. This can create a digital divide between ages
Li and Kirkup
in a study in the use of the internet among Chinese and British students found in both countries men were more confident in their internet use and more likely to use the computer for fun rather than for stuyding unlike girls who saw the computer more as a tool than as a toy