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suggests the new media have meant that elite groups have less power to influence news agendas. The balance of power is shifting as citizen journalists through blogging- through YouTube, blogging etc have growing power to influence what news is reported
Daniel Pearl
A BBC deputy editor who admitted that the blogosphere and citizen journalism 'had an immediate impact on Newsnights running order'
Arab Spring
a series of uprisings against oppressive and dictatorial regimes which began in Spring 2011. It was videos and photos shot on mobile phones which were crucial in showing evidence of government repression and torture.
Eric Garner 2014
This man who was killed by a police man via chokehold. This event was filmed via a smartphone it helped caused demonstrations and public outrage
Kony 2012
a 30 minute YouTube video exposing the plight of children in Uganda at the hands of the warload Joseph Kony, it went viral and soon calls to convict Kony were made. However the video was criticised for focusing on the white western perspective
Lack of Regulation
undesirable things such as paedophilia, people trafficking , cybercrime the lack of laws for the media can allow these industries to grow
Points out that new media only provides people with what they want to read for instance unlike an newspaper that has an array of stories that may be unknown to the reader. Whereas new media you can expand on your knowledge but not necessarily discover new things as easily
Increased Surveillance
New media can keep an eye and help convict criminals, i.e.in 2012 a smartphone helped jail a woman who was being racially abusive on the London tube
Human Contact
New media does created a more socially isolated society as many spend more time in the virtual world