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These lot view that society gets the media that they want as they belive the media responds to the demands of market demand or they'll go out of business.In other words-truly its the market that owns the media
are people who are optimists and who rapidly adopt and use new media, they are very much supportive of pluralists
Common Topics
ie.immigration, Pluralists reckon get reported more than other issues NOT because of editor bias but instead of that they are just the most common views of society
Jean Blondel (Pluralist)
Argued that no single group in society has a monoply of power or control. Due to mass media being competitive and diverse it therefore has no single group that controls. MARKET MECHANISM THEORY
Free Media
Everyone can set up their own blogs, magazines, newspapers in our capitalist world. Pluralists argue this means that there are wide range of opinions can be expressed
Phillip Defranco (Citizen Journalist)
Example of a youtuber that has started to broadcast the news using his channel on Youtube, this channel is particularly attractive for young people looking short insights. Pluralists would use this to prove how the media adapts to peoples needs
Market Mechanism
The pluralist argument that media companies must compete to satisfy their consumers needs and therefore the media does indeed cater for a wide range of people
The Sun (Market Mechanism example)
In 1960s this was a failing socialist newspaper. However once Murdoch purchased the paper he transformed it into a exciting newspaper with bits like pg 3. This is an example of media adapting to what the customers want
Newspapers are now using technology and the internet to allow audiences to respond instantly to media output and stories
Comment is free
Section in Guardian newspaper which allow audiences to debate about articles and journalists this is an example of media becoming more interactive
Broadcasting Laws
These require the media to be balanced and fair. Particularly the public, the BBC are forced to be 'impartial'. which forces voices of pressure grouos and minorities to also be heard
High Culture
Can now be more easily accessed by Technology, artists like Van Gogh can be seen and inspire people via the internet. Jane Austen's stories can now be seen in blockbuster movies
Idea that media mixes a range of cultures and is not just dominated by western values