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Neo Marxists Theories about media

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False Consciousness
the illusion instilled into the working class the capitalist system is fair for everyone in society
Roman Emperors
Kept masses happy with bread and circuses. Neo marxists believe media is given to modern day audiences similarly to keep masses happy and quiet
Soap Operas
Provide the masses with escapism of their dull/unfair working class lives, so they are less likely to protest against the system
University Challenge
Is an example of a programme that pluralists would point to as intellectually demanding and educational. However NEO MARXIST would argue most people lack the education to even understand them
Ideological State Apparatus
Neo Marxist Althusser argues the media puts across a overwhelmingly pro capitalist message which eventually convinces people ideology to see capitalism as common sense
A Marxist thought where the media shows ruling class values to have dominance in society
Of media content are typically white and middle class so they are likely to unconsciously select content that reflects their own values. Journalists typically come from the same background too
Entertainment Programmes
Neo Marxists say are presented as light hearted fun but they actually present specific idea of British family life
Alternative Views
Neo Marxists believe these are allowed so it gives the impression that all views get a fair shout. Which makes it seem ok for the dominant view to stay on top. I.e. on fox news sometimes they allow liberal views but they are often mocked by anchors like Bill O'Reilly
Critics of Neo Marxists
Highlight that not all media stories are covered from the same viewpoint i.e. Channel 4 readily sympathetic to Gaza whereas BBC criticised for support of Isreal
Birmingham CCCS
Neo Marxist "centre for comtemporary cultural studies" has made huge investments and reach into stuyding media. This is where Stuart Hall developed his ways of interpretating media
Common Topics
ie.immigration, Pluralists reckon get reported more than other issues NOT because of editor bias but instead of that they are just the most common views of society