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Pluralists on Media Audiences
Pluralists crticise Marxists as they point out people arent stupid and they dont believe everything they see on tv
Nick Jones (pluralist)
Studied reporting on industrial disputes by the UK media. He concluded that there WAS balanced and equal reporting. He believed the apparent bias was down to the opposing sides managing to get good media coverage
Nick Jones Background
He's a BBC radio news journalist, this means that his research may not be impartial because he would want the media to be seen in a good light
Katz and Lazarsfeld (pluralists)
Studied to see how media influenced peoples political votes before an election. And they found people were more influenced by family and friends than the media, meaning the media wasnt that controlling after all
Found that writers and producers of TV Soap Operas, tended to educate audiences on issues such as bisexuality, homophobia, racism, rape etc and created discussion on these topics