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Postmodernist on Media

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Postmodernists on Media
Believes that media gave society a consumerist identity and has made consumption more important than class identity
Media Shapes Identity
Postmodernists believe that identity has become about what types of media people choose to consume
Postmodernists on Media Views
They believe there is no dominant set of VIEWS. They see the media as full of choices and opinions, i.e. Fox News compared to CNN are very different. They don't believe the media has one set of bias
Critics of Postmodernists
Many sociologists don't respect Postmodernists as much of their ideas are highly theoretical without much evidence. I.e. No one has researched how media shapes our identity-it's just a concept
Lyotard (postmodernist)
Argues that due to different cultures in media like Bollywood, Reggae, country music. We are no longer BOUND to our social background. Our age, gender and ethnicity no longer defines our identity. THE MEDIA HAS MADE AS MORE CULTURED
Argues that many media forms actually subvert authority. i.e. Shows like South Park and Family a Guy ridicule society and political correctness
Argues that we live in a media saturated society, in which media images dominate and distort the way we see the world, e.g. TV presents a sanitized version of war where all corpses, blood and violence is removed from screens. Often we see explosions but not how people look after being burnt or heads blown. This is known as "Hyperreality"
View of the world which is created and defined by the mass media
Media images which appear to reflect reality but have no real basis in the real world
Deirdre Barlow
This fictional Coronation Street character in 1998 was sent to prison for a crime she didnt commit, The British public began campaigns to "free Deirdre", this is an example of Hyperreality