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Globalisation, Culture and Mass Media

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This process has increased world interconnected-ness through the flow of people, ideas, technology and culture in general
Cultural Imperialism
When the cultural output of one region dominates the cultural output of other regions especially the aggressive promotion of Western culture as superior to other cultures
Homogenisation of Culture
Refers to how globalisation has made a lot of countries similar with less diversity. eg. There is now few major differences between say New York, Paris, Tokyo etc. They all share similar TNCs like McDonalds, listen to same music and wear similar clothes
Marxists on Globalisation
See the transfer of ideas and culture from the WESTERN WORLD to the UNDERDEVELOPED as a one way process of homogenisation
Pluralists on Globalisation
Believes the flow of ideas isn't just a one way system and also isn't accepted from the developed world but from all directions i.e. Reggae music and Bollywood films are imported into western countries
Rejects the cultural imperialism theory and protests that cultural and media influences don't solely originate from the capitalist west
Reception Theory
Focuses on how the way audiences respond to media down to a number of factors and depends on ethnicity, gender, class, disability etc