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Chapter 2: Theory & Method

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The learned, shared values, beliefs, & rules that structure people's thinking and behavior - these are not rigid, they change over time
Economic and political expansion of the West around the globe - Involved governments in connection with trading companies
The concept of 'race' as a hierarchy of peoples was equated with the earlier notion of the chain of being. 'Race' implied that the inequalities between groups of peoples was natural or God-given. The different physical traits of groups of peoples became markers or symbols of their status differences - civilized to primitive
The belief race is the primary determinant of human traits & capacities; that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race; that differences among human 'races' determine cultural or individual achievement, ie. some races are more intelligence, ect.
Bronistaw Kasper Malinowski
(1884 - 1942) From Poland. Did fieldwork in Trobriand Islands for 2 years. He has been the disciplinary archetype of the field worker and ethnographer since he wrote Argonauts.