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sympathetic nervous system
the autonomic system that arouses the body in stress
parasympathetic nervous system
the autonomic system that calms the body after stress
spinal cord
the information link between the brain and peripheral nervous system
autonomic nervous system
the system that controls glands and internal organs
an innnate, automatic response to a stimulus
neural networks
adaptive interconnected clusters of neurons
endocrine system
the slow communication system of glands and hormones
chemical messengers that are manufactured by the endocrine glands, travel through the blood stream, and affect other tissues.
adrenal glands
endocrine glands whose hormones arouse the body, regulate salt balance, adjust the body to stress, and affect sexual functioning
pituitary gland
the "master gland" at the base of the brain whose hormones influence the output of other endocrine glands
tissue destruction
electroencephalogram - printout of brainwaves
positron emission topography - monitors glucose metabolism in the brain
magnetic resonance imaging of brain structure
functional magnetic resonance imaging - 3D pictures of the brain