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¡Hazlo ya!
Do it already!
Lo hago ya
I’m doing it now.
Lo hago ya mismo
I’m doing it right now.
Ya lo hice
I already did it.
Ya es hora
It’s time now.
Ya iba siendo hora
Well, it’s about time.
Tenemos que irnos ya
We have to go now.
Desde ya, somos amigos
From now on, we’re friends.
¡Basta ya de excusas!
No more excuses!
¡Ya basta!
Enough already!
Ya me harto
I’m fed up.
Ya estoy harto de eso
I’m sick and tired of this. (Idiomatic expression)
Ya que…
Since… / Given that…
Tiene la ciudadanía colombiana ya que es colombiano
He has Colombian citizenship since/given that he’s Colombian.
Mejorar nuestra tecnología es muy importante ya que estamos en el siglo XXI
Improving our technology is important given that we’re in the 21st century.
Ya eres demasiado tarde
You are too late now
Ya hablaremos
We'll talk soon
Ya veremos
We'll see
Es una mentira ya lo sé
It’s a lie, I just know it.
Ya veo
I can see that
Ya lo veo
I get it
Ya se ve…
It’s obvious that… (Idiomatic expression)
Ya lo verás
You’ll see [implied “soon” or “in the near future”; as a potential threat/promise.]
Ya lo sabía
I already knew that.
Hace ya tiempo que hablamos
It’s been a long time since we spoke.
Ya te lo dije
I already told you. [it might be “I just told you” depending on the context]
Mi abuelo pasaba ya de los ochenta
My grandfather was already well into his 80s.
Ella ya tiene 22 (años)
She’s already 22. / She just turned 22.
Ya es historia
It’s ancient history. [lit. “it’s already history”; ya here indicates “far into the past”]
Ya lo he oído todo
I've heard it all already
Ya dice mucho
It’s very telling (Idiomatic Expression)
Ya es otro cantar
And now it’s time for something completely different. [ser otro cantar means “a different matter”; the ya implies “moving on”]
Ya me imagino
I can imagine. / I get it.
Ya empezaron
They started already.
¡Voy, ya voy!
Coming! I'll be right there
Ya me voy
I'm leaving now
Ya me iba
I was just leaving
Ya me había ido
I had already gone
Ya me fui
I just left
¡Ya regresé!
I’m back (now)!
¡Ya estoy aquí!
I’m here (now)!