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The philosophical school with many mystical conceptions; a type of idealistic monism with elements of polytheism; held that the human soul has departed from its high origin but could return to the Eternal and Supreme.
The One or The Good
Plotinus thought that reality is perfectly simple and unknowable subsistance, the source and end of all existing things. He gave it this name.
It exists
For Plotinus the One is so simple you cannot really say even this about it.
Neo-Platonists held that original Being sent forth a perfect image of the One, which was both being and thought and the archetype of all things. They called it this.
The World Soul
From the Nous proceeds this, says Plotinus.
The Individual Soul
Neo-Platonists believe in the pre-existence and immortality of what?
The soul descended from the supreme Good, according to Neo-Platonists, and it must retrace its steps back. To do so, it must practice this.
In this world
Human perfection and happiness were attainable where, according to Neoplatonists?
The Neo-Platonist who wrote, "The gods have proclaimed Christ to have been most pious, but the Christians are a confused and vicious sect."
The Neo-Platonist who thought the world had a number of superhuman beings who influenced natural events and knowledge of the future and who were accessible to prayers and offerings.
Proclus inserted a level of individual ones between the One itself and the divine intellect. These stand at the head of causation chains. Proclus called them what?