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The philosophical school that taught that the main focus of human knowledge was ethics; and that self-control was the means of overcoming destructive emotions; and that clear thinking permits the individual to understand the logos (universal reason),
The highest good according to the Stoics
A material substance
Cleanthes thought the soul was this.
Self-control and fortitude
For a Stoic, destructive emotions should be overcome by developing what?
The source of Virtue, the highest good, according to the Stoics
Divine Reason (Logos)
Stoics said that the wise live in harmony with this.
How they behaved
According to Stoics, the best indication of a person's philosophy was not what they said, but this.
Logic, Physics, Ethics
Zeno the Stoic divided philosophy into these three parts.
Zeno the Stoic thought the Universe was a divine, reasoning entity containing a divine artisan-fire, which foresees everything. This was his idea of what?
The Sun
Cleanthes said it was divine because it sustains all living things and resembles the divine fire that animated all living beings.
Pleasure is not a good, according to Cleanthes. Pleasure is contrary to nature, and is also this.
Propositional logic
Chrysippus created a system of this kind of logic, but its value was not understood until the 20th century.
That according to which all things happen, according to Chrysippus
The foundation of all philosophy, according to Epictetus
Things not in our power
Epictetus said that we must distinguish between those things that are in our power and this.
Choice (prohairesis)
It is by our capacity for this that the determination of what is good and what is not good is made for Epictetus.