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Sulci and Gyri

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Superior Frontal Gyrus
Middle Frontal Gyrus
Inferior Frontal Gyrus
Precentral Sulcus
Precentral Gyrus
Central Sulcus
Postcentral Sulcus
Lateral Fissure
Longitudinal Fissure
Postcentral Gyrus
Parietooccipital Sulcus
Paracentral Lobule
Cingulate Sulcus
Cingulate Gyrus
Calcarine Fissure
Corpus Callosum
Splenium of Corpus Callosum
Body of Corpus Callosum
Genu of Corpus Callosum
Hypothalamic Sulcus
Subcallosal Gyrus
Superior Temporal Sulcus
Inferior Temporal Sulcus
Parahippocampal Gyrus
Collateral Sulcus
Gyrus Rectus
Long Gyrus of Insular Cortex
Short Gyrus of Insular Cortex
Cuneus Gyrus
Pre-Cuneus Gyrus
Pericalcarine Gyrus
Fusiform Gyrus
Entorhinal Area
Superior Frontal Sulcus
Inferior Frontal Sulcus
Preoccipital Notch
Band of Gennari
Transverse Gyrus of Heschl
Broca's Area
Wernicke's Area
Anterior Perforated Substance
Medial Olfactory Stria
Lateral Olfactory Stria
Planum Temporale
Lingual Gyrus
Callosal Sulcus