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Meninges, Sinuses, Vasculature and Ventricles

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Anterior Spinal Artery
Vertebral Artery
Circle of Willis
Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery
Basilar Artery
Anterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery
Superior Cerebellar Artery
Pontine Arteries
Posterior Cerebral Artery
Posterior Communicating Artery
Middle Cerebral Artery
Internal Carotid Artery
Ophthalmic Artery
Anterior Cerebral Artery
Anterior Communicating Artery
Anterior Choroidal Artery
Lateral Ventricle
Anterior Horn of the Lateral Ventricle
Body of the Lateral Ventricle
Interventricular Foramen
Third Ventricle
Mesencephalic Aqueduct
Fourth Ventricle
Superior Sagittal Sinus
Inferior Sagittal Sinus
Transverse Sinus
Confluence of Sinuses
Sigmoid Sinus
Straight Sinus
Occipital Sinus
Great Cerebral Vein of Galen
Arachnoid Granulations
Dura Mater
Pia Mater
Tentorium Cerebelli
Falx Cerebri
Choroid Plexus
Central Canal
Inferior Horn of the Lateral Ventricle
Posterior Horn of the Lateral Ventricle
Cerebello-medullary Cistern
Superior Cistern
Pontine Cistern