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to disperse, scatter
בּדר (pael)
to be frightened, be perplexed
בּהל (hithpaal)
to seek, investigate
בּקר (pael)
to bless
בּרךְ (pael)
to be cut out; break off
גּזר (hithpeel and ithpeel)
to pass (over); pass by
to occupy, possess
חסן (haphel and aphel)
to consider; > respect
to feed, give to eat
טעם (pael)
to help, aid
סעד (pael)
to be made; turned into; be done
עבד (hithpeel)
to interpret
פּשׁר (pael)
to (cause to) prosper; fare well; make progress
צלח (haphel and aphel)
to offer
קרב (pael)
to praise
שׁבח (pael)
to find
שׁכח (haphel)
to be found
שׁכח (hithpẹel)