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Cache memory
This is a buffer of memory in the processor that is used to store copies of items that are most often fetched from the memory so that they can be fetched more quickly.
Flash memory
A technology for storing data in an electronic format which is used for memory cards.
A computer is multitasking if it appears to be running more than one program at the same time.
Primary memory
Memory that can be addressed and accessed directly by the processor.
Random Access Memory (RAM)
Memory that is used to store the programs and data currently in use by a computer. It is volatile which means that it gets erased when the computer is switched off.
Read-Only Memory (ROM)
Memory that is used to store programs permanently and in the same location such as the boot-up program. This memory is non-volatile and is not deleted when the computer is switched off.
Virtual memory
This is an area of the hard disk that is used to store running programs as if it was RAM.
A technique that allows blind people to read by feeling a pattern of raised dots with their fingers.