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Binary code
The code in which all data and instructions in a computer as stored. This is made of the digits 0 and 1.
Communication device
A device that allows a computer system to ‘talk’ to another system directly in binary code.
Computer Misuse Act -1990
The UK law that makes it illegal to hack into a person’s computer and to disrupt deliberately someone else’s computer.
Computer system
All the parts that make a computer work, including the hardware, software and data. This may not be a traditional computer.
Data Protection Act -1998
The UK law that tells organisations how they must protect the personal data of real people.
Electronic white board
A computer system that uses a large white board as an input/output device in a classroom.
Environmental issues
Issues concerned with whether something is good or bad for the environment.
Ethical issues
Issues concerned with whether something is morally right or wrong in itself.
Input device
A device that allows data to be entered into a computer by transforming it into an electronic form.
Output device
A device that takes data which has been processed by the computer and translates it a human readable form.
Storage device
A device that stores data in a binary form for use later.
Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
A computer system that helps teachers by allowing them to provide learning resources to pupils and monitor their progress.