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A program that repeatedly and disruptively displays advertisements on a user’s computer.
A utility that searches for and removes any malware on a computer.
A utility that searches for and removes any viruses on a computer.
Custom-written software
Software that is produced on commission, specifically fora user.
Device driver
System software that is used by the operating system to control peripheral devices.
Disk formatting
Initialising a disk for storage by identifying the data blocks on the disk and creating the file allocation table.
File allocation table
An index of all the files that are stored on a disk and their allocation. It also keeps a record of free space on the disk.
File management software
Utilities that allow the user to perform common operations on files such as copying, deleting and moving.
File transfer protocol (ftp)
An agreed system and set of rules that allow different programs to transfer files across different computers over the internet.
A utility or device that monitors the traffic between a computer and the internet and only allows connections that are authorised.
Any program, such as viruses, worms, trojans and adware, that are designed to be harmful to the computer on which they are run.
Memory management
A function of the operating system that involves allocating memory to programs and data which are being used.
A function of the operating system, where the processor is made to appear to perform several tasks at the same time by switching rapidly between the tasks.