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Boot program
The program that is used to start the computer. It is automatically loaded so that its instructions can be fetched when the computer is turned on, and it eventually loads the operating system.
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
The main component of the computer. It carries out all the processing by fetching and executing instructions.
Clock speed
The speed at which the processor carries out instructions, measured in Megahertz (MHz) or Gigahertz (GHz).
Each single processor circuit capable of fetching and executing instructions.
CPU cache
Memory buffer on the processor that stores instructions which have been fetched before and allows them to be fetched more quickly the next time.
Fetch–Execute cycle
The process by which programs are run on a computer. The processor repeatedly fetches the instructions of the program from memory and executes them.
Multi-core processor
A processor with more than one core (processor circuit) which means it can fetch and execute more than one instruction at a time.