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'S e mise Joan
I'm Joan
Cò thusa?
Who are you?
Ciamar a tha thu?
How are you?
Ciamar a tha thusa?
How are you (emphatic)
Tha mi gu math
I am well
Tha mi sgìth
I am tired
Tha mi fuar
I am cold
Tha mi blàth
I am warm
Tha mi pòsta
I am married
A bheil thu gu math?
Are you well?
A bheil thu sgìth?
Are you tired?
A bheil thu fuar?
Are you cold?
A bheil thu blàth?
Are you warm?
A bheil thu pòsta?
Are you married?
Chan eil mi pòsta
I am not married
Chan eil mi blàth
I am not warm
Ciamar a tha e?
How is he?
Tha e gu math
He is well
Madainn mhath
good morning
feasgar math
good afternoon
oidhche mhath
good night
tapadh leat
thank you
Glè mhath
very good
Cò tha sgìth?
Who is tired?
Chan eil duine
no one