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Where do you come from?

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Co as a tha thu?
Where do you come from?
Tha mi a Alba
I am from Scotland
Tha mi a Dùn Èideann
I am from Edinburgh
Tha mi a Sasainn
I am from England
Tha mi a Glaschu
I am from Glasgow
Tha mi a Dùn Deagh
I am from Dundee
Tha mi a Steòrnabhagh
I am from Stornoway
Tha mi a Canada
I am from Canada
Tha mi a Astràilia
I am from Australia
Tha mi a Lunnainn
I am from London
Tha mi as a' Ghearmailt
I am from Germany
Tha mi as Na Stàitean
I am from the States
Tha mi as an Eilean Sgìtheanach
I'm from Skye
Tha mi as a' Ghearasdan
I am from Fort William
Inbhir Nis