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Dè an aois a tha thu?
How old are you?
Tha mi fichead 's a trì
I'm 23
Tha i caogad 's a còig
She is 55
Dè an aois a tha i?
What age is she?
Dè an aois a bha i?
What age was she?
Bha i ochdad 's a ceithir
She was 84
Phòs i Guy Ritchie ann an 2000
She married Guy Ritchie in 2000
nuair a phòs i
when she got married
Bha Madonna ceathrad 's a dhà nuair a phòs i ann an 2000.
Madonna was 42 when she got married in 2000.
Fhuair i don Phàrlamaid ann an 1959
She got into parliament in 1959
Fhuair e a-mach as a' phrìosan ann an 1990
He got out of prison in 1990
nuair a bhàsaich e
When he died
Bha e ceathrad 's a dhà nuair a bhàsaich e ann an 1977
He was 42 when he died in 1977