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(yī) - det.: one
(zài) - in, at, on, etc.
(yǒu) - have, possess
(ge) - m.[general]
(wǒ) - I, me, ego, self
(bù) - non, do not, no, nowise, not, nope, nae, no more, nix
(zhè) - now, this, det.: this, it
(le) - entirely
(tā) - he, she, it, they (referring to inanimate things in object position)
(yě) - also, too, as well, either, even
(jiù) - then, at once, right away, an indicator strengthening speaker's evaluation
(rén) - person, people
(dōu) - all, even, already
(shuō) - speak, talk, explain, scold
(ér) - conj.: and yet
(wǒmen) - we
(nǐ) - you
(le) - particle: indicating new situation; indicating completed action
(yào) - must, should
(huì) - will
(duì) - toward
(jí) - conj.: and
(hé) - conj.: and
(yǔ) - conj.: and, together with
(yǐ) - using, taking, from a point on, because of
(hěn) - pretty, thrice, monstrously, gey, quite, mighty, stinking, sopping, some, assai, full, most, clinking, much, thumping, awfully, fiendishly, thundering, very, real, really, bally, proper, grossly, powerful, so, rattling, well, considerably, greatly, terribly
(zhǒng) - m.[kind]
(de) - particle: emphasizing an action/situation
(dà) - great, macro, old, very, vast, tall, big, high, much
(néng) - can or to be capable of
(zhe) - [aspect]
(tā) - she, her, she (neologism for {1ta1}[2]), )
(nà) - det.: that
(shàng) - on, above
(dàn) - conj.: but, yet, still, nevertheless, only, merely
(nián) - m.[standard]
(hái) - still, yet, also, too, as well, besides
(kěyǐ) - can, may
(zuì) - most, to the highest degree, much, superlatively
(zìjǐ) - lonesome, number_one, own, ego, self, oneself, name
(wéi) - by
(lái) - to
(suǒ) - that which
(tāmen) - they
(liǎng) - det.: two, both (sides), either (side), a few, some
(gè) - det.: each, every
(kě) - can, may
(wéi) - be, become
(huò) - conj.: or, either or
(hǎo) - good