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(děng) - conj.: and so on, etc
(yòu) - again, moreover
(jiāng) - be about to
(yīnwèi) - conj.: because, for, on account of
(yū) - in, at, to, from, out of, by
(yóu) - from, via, by, through, owing/due to
(cóng) - from, since, through
(gèng) - more, still/even more, further, furthermore
(bèi) - by
(cái) - then and only then, just now, only (before a number)
(yǐ) - already
(zhě) - nominal suffix, one who, -er
(měi) - det.: every
(cì) - m.[activity]
(bǎ) - indicating pre-verbal object as thing dealt with by the action
(sān) - det.: three
(shénme) - anything, what
(wèntí) - problem, mishap, query, job, interface, question, inquiry, matter, enquiry, trouble, issue, worry, subject, topic, hang-up, business, quaere
(qí) - det.: its, his, her, their, it, this, that
(ràng) - allow, induce sb. to do sth.
(cǐ) - this, det.: this, here
(zuò) - make, do
(zài) - again, once more, further(more), in a higher degree, and then, not (do sth.) before
(suǒyǐ) - conj.: so, therefore, as a result
(zhǐ) - only, merely
(yǔ) - with, to
(zé) - then, in that case
(táiwān) - Taiwan
(què) - however, but, yet, indeed
(bìng) - conj.: and
(wèi) - location, digit, m.[general], , status, figure, throne, position, place, condition
(xiǎng) - think, suppose, reckon, consider, want to, would like to, feel like (doing sth.)
(qù) - in order to
(ne) - particle: marking quesitons about subject already mentioned; indicating strong affirmation
(xuéshēng) - academic, pupil, pup, tutee, follower, scholar, schoolchild, schoolboy, alumnus, disciple, learner, scholastic, student
(biǎoshì) - demonstrate, exhibit, prove, show, extend, manifest, express, stamp, signify, mark, witness, look, give, denote, evince, expression, bespeak, say, profess, mean, offer, utter, infer, indicate, represent, read, speak, refer, give tongue to, intend, be, shew, pay, stand_for, establish, stand for, present, render, betoken
(dào) - up until
(gōngsī) - place of business, business organization, incorporation, establishment, business concern, office, concern, business establishment, business, enterprise, company, corporation
(jiāng) - introducing object of main verb
(rúguǒ) - conj.: if
(shèhuì) - community, society, monde, social, public
(kàn) - see, look at, watch, read, look upon, regard, look after, call on, visit
(xiǎo) - small, little, petty, minor;young
(tiān) - m.[standard]
(yīncǐ) - conj.: therefore, consequently
(xīn) - new, fresh, up-to-date
(dànshì) - conj.: but, however, yet, still
(tā) - they (neologism for {1ta1}[3] [4]), [4]), ), this, that, it
(zhōng) - center, middle, interior
(shǐ) - rarefy, piss_off, germinate, drench, blow_out, leave, cut_up, refract, run, dress_up, compose, shed, frizz, put_off, trot, send, strike, send (as envoy), peal, alienate, pull_in, tone_up, bring around, astound, sublease, wither, cripple, bed_down, address, rehearse, usage, warm, smell_out, throw, inflect, get_down, skunk, capsize, congeal, bowl_over, bring_on, unseat, ensure, amalgamate, pro