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môj stôl
my table(m)
moja stolička
my chair(f)
moje okno
my window(n)
tvoj pes
your dog(m)
moja mačka
my cat(f)
tvoje víno
your wine(n)
jeho telefón
his telephone(m)
jeho stena
his wall(m)
jeho pivo
his beer(m)
jej televízor
her TV set(f)
jej matka
her mother(f)
jej mesto
her city(f)
náš fotoaparát,
our photo camera(m)
naša ceruzka
our pencil(f)
naše divadlo
our theater (n)
váš koberec
your carpet(m)
vaša voda
your water(f)
vaše zlato
your gold(n)
ich list
their letter(m)
ich slivovica
their plum brandy(f)
ich euro
their euro(n)
Toto je ich pero a tamto je ich auto.
This is their pen and that over there is their car.
Je tamto vaša mačka alebo naša?
Is that over there your cat or ours?
Toto nie je moja fľaša, ale tamto je môj mobil.
That is not my bottle, but that over there is my cell phone.
moja rodina
my family