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Volám sa..., Ja sa volám...
My name is...
Ako sa voláte?
what is your name? (form, pl)
Ako sa voláš?
what is your name? (inform, sing)
Ako sa máte?
how are you? (form, pl)
Ako sa máš?
how are you? (inform, sing)
Dobre, a vy?
Fine, and you? (formal)
Dobre, a ty?
Fine, and you? (informal)
Teší ma
Nice to meet you. / Pleased to meet you.
Koľko to stojí?
How much is it?
Excuse Me (Formal)
Excuse me! (inform, sing)
Excuse me (asking for information)
S dovolením
Excuse me (to pass through)
Môžete mi pomôcť, prosím?
Can you help me please? (formal)
Môžeš mi pomôcť, prosím?
Can you help me please? (informal)
Pokúšam sa naučiť po slovensky
I am trying to learn Slovak