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Refractive Index
Speed of light in free space/speed of light in the substance.
Resistance per unit length x area of cross-section.
Rest energy
Energy due to rest mass m0, equal to m0c^2, where c is the speed of light in free space.
rms value
The value of direct currrent that would give the same heating effect as the alternating current in the same resistor, rms current (or pd)=1/(2^)2 x peak current (or pd).
A physical quantity with magnitude only.
A substance in which the number of charge carriers increases when the temperature is raised.
Sensitivity of an instrument
The output reading per unti input quantity.
SI system
The scientific system of units.
Specfici charge
Charge/mass value of a charged particle.
Instrument used to measrue light wavelengths very accurately.
Change of distance per unit.
Stationary waves
Wave pattern with nodes and antinodes formed when two or more progressive waves of the same frequency and amplitude pass through each other.
Stiffness constant
The force per unit extension needed to extend a wire or a spring.
Stopping distance
Thinking distance + braking distance.