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Extension per unit length of a solid when deformed.
Strangeness number
A strangeness number is assigned to every particle and antiparticle on the basis that strangeness is always conserved in the strong interaction, but not in a weak interaction or a decay involving a s
Force per unit area of cross-section in a solid perpendicular to the cross-section.
Strong interaction
Interaction between two hadrons.
Strong nuclear force
Attractive force between nucleons that holds the nucleons in the nucleus.
A material that has zero electrical resistance.
The effect of two waves adding together when they meet.
Systematic error
Error of measurement due to readings that systematically differ from the true reading and follow a pattern or trend or bias.
Terminal speed
The maximum speed reached by an object when the drag force on it is equal and opposite to the force causing the motion of the object.
Resistor which is designed to have a resistance that changes with temperature.
Thinking distance
The distance travelled bya vehicle in the time it takes the driver to react.
Threshold frequency
Minimum frequency of light that can cause photoelectric emission.
Torque of a couple
Force x perpendicular distance between the lines of action of the forces.
Total internal reflection
A light ray travelling in a substance is totally internally reflected a boundary with a substance of lower refractive index, if the angle of incidence is greater than a certain value known as the crit
Transverse waves
Waves with a direction of vibration perpendicular to the direction of propagation of the waves.