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Types of light spectra
Continuous spectrum - continuous range of colours corresponding to a continuous range of wavelengths, line emission spectrum -characteristic coloured vertical lines, each corresponding to a certain wa
Ultimate tensile stress
Tensile stress needed to break a solid material.
Half the range of the readings or, if the readings are the same, the instrument precision.
Useful energy
Energy transferred to where it is wanted when it is wanted.
A physical quantity with magnitude and direction.
Change of displacement per unit time.
Virtual photon
Carrier of the electromagnetic force, a photon exchanged between two charged particles when they interact.
W boson
Carrier of the weak nuclear force; W boson have non-zero rest mass and may be positive or negative.
Wave particle duality
Matter particles have a wave-like nature as well as a particle-like nature; photons have a particle-like nature as well as a wave-like nature.
Lines of constant phase (e.g. wavecrests).
The least distance between two adjacent vibrating praticles with the same displacement and velocity at the same time (e.g. distance between two adjacent wave peaks).
Weak interaction
Interaction between two leptons.
Weak nuclear force
Force responsible for beta decay.
The force of gravity acting on an object.
Force x distance moved in the direction of the force.