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A meson that consists of a strange quark or antiquark and another quark or antiquark.
Kinetic energy
The energy of an object due to its motion.
Device that produces a parallel coherent beam of monochromatic light.
Electrons, muons, neutrons and their antiparticles are classified as leptons because they cannot interact through the strong interaction. They interact through the weak interaction and, in the case of
Lepton number
A lapton number is assigned to every lepton and antilepton, on the basis that the total lepton number for each branch of the lepton family is always conserved.
Light-dependent resistor
Resistor which is designed to have a resistance that changes with light.
Limit of proportionality
The limit beyond which, when a wire or a spring is stretched, its extentsion is no longer proportional to the force that streches it.
Two quantities are said to have a linear relationship if the change of one quantity is proportional to the change of the other.
The force to be overcome by a machine when it shifts or raises.
Longitudinal waves
Waves witha direction of vibration parallel to the direction of propagation of the waves.
Mass number
The number of neutrons and protons in a nucleus; also referred to as mass number.
Mass number
Measure of the inertia or resistance to change of motion of an object.
Matter waves
The wave-like behaviour of particles of matter.
A hadron consisting of a quark and an antiquark.
Moment of a force about a point
Force x perpendicular distance from the line of action of the force to the point.