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Mass times velocity.
Motive force
The force that drives a vehicle.
Multipath dispersion
The lengthening of a light pulse as it travles along an optical fibre, due to rays that repeatedly undergo total internal reflection having to travel a longer distance than rays that undergo less tota
A lepton which is negatively charged and has a greater rest mass than the electron.
Negative temperature coefficient
The resistance of a semiconductor decreases when its temperature is increased.
Uncharged lepton with a very low rest mass compared with the electron.
Neutrino types
There are 3 types of neutrinos, the electron neutrino, the muon neutrino and the tau neutrino. This specification only requires knowledge of the electron neutrino and the muon neutrino branch
Newton's 1st Law
An object remains at rest or in unifrom motion unless acted on by a resultant force.
Newton's 2nd Law
Resultant force=Mass times acceleration.
Fixed point in a stationary wave pattern where the amplitude is zero.
A neutron or proton in the nucleus.
Nucleon number A
The number of neutrons and protons in a nucleus; also referred to as mass number.
A type of nucleus with a particular number of protons and neutrons.
Ohm's Law
The pd across a metallic conductor is proporational to the current, provided the physical conditions do not change.
Optical fibre
A thin flexible transparent fibre used to carry light pulses from one end to the other.