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Pair production
When a gamma photon changes into a particle and an antiparticle.
Unit of pressure or stress equal to 1 Nm^-2.
Path difference
The difference in distances from two coherent sources to an interference fringe.
Period of a wave
Time for one complete cycle of a wave to pass a point.
Phase difference
THe fraction of a cycle between the vibrations of two vibrating particles, measured in radians or degrees.
Photoelectric effect
Emission of electrons from a metal surface when the surface is illuminated by light of frequency greater than a minimum value known as the threshold frequency.
Packet or 'quantum' of electromagnetic waves.
A meson that consists of an up or down quark and an up or down antiquark.
Plane-polarised waves
Travsverse waves that cibrate in one plane only.
Plastic deformation
Deformation of a solid beyond its elastic limit.
Positive temperature coefficient
The resistance of a metal increases when its temperature is increased.
Antiparticle of the electron.
Potential difference
Work done or energy transfer per unit charge between two points when chrge moves from one point to the other.
Potential divider
Two or more resistors in series connected to a source of pd.
Potential energy
The energy of an object due to its position.