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I am
namo mein ist ...
my name is ...
goþana maurgin
good morning
goþana dag
good day
goda naht
good night
ƕaiwa is?
how are you?
Sa ist meins gards
This is my house
Haba gard
I have a house
meina arbaiþs ist ...
My profession is ...
Baua in ...
I live in
Baua in Bandareikjam
I live in the US
Baua in Bandaþiudangardja
I live in the United Kingdom
Baua in Fragkareikja
I live in France
Baua in þiudiskalanda
I live in Germany
Haba ainana broþar
I have one brother
Haba twans broþruns
I have two brothers
Haba aina swistar
I have one sister
Haba twos swistruns
I have two sisters
Haba twa barna
I have two children
I speak
Rodja twos razdos
I speak two languages
Rodja þrijos razdos
I speak three languages
Rodja Gutarazda
I speak the Gothic language
Baua in Finnahaiþjo
I live in Finland