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Ningal English samsaarikkumo?
Do you speak English?
Enikku manasilaakunnila
I don't understand.
Enikku Malayalam parayaan ariyilla
I don't speak Malayalam
Enikku Kurachchu manassilaakum
I understand a little
Athe, enkku manassikaakum
Yes, I understand
Dayavaayi onnukoodi parayoo
Please repeat
Aduththa bank evieyaanu
Where is the nearest bank?
Enikku Kurachchu dollars maattaanam
I would like to change some dollars
Dollarinte nirakku ethra
How much is the dollar worth
Enijju travelers checkkukal mattaan parrumo
Can I change travellers cheques?
Njaan evide oppu idanam
Where do I sign?