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NME 18 Chronic Liver Disease

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Fatty acids accumulating in the liver is called [_____]
Stellate and type 1 collagen
Fibrosis (scarring) of the liver is caused by the activation of [_____] cells to produce [_____]
Nitric oxide
Portal hypertension occurs due to the reduction of [_____] production
[_____] is released from endothelial sinusoids and contributes to portal hypertension
Rectum and colon
Portal hypertension can cause varices in other areas as well as the oesephagus including the [_____] and [_____]
The main danger with any varices is [_____]
Portal hypertension can result in oedema and ascites as fluid leaks from vessels due to [_____]
Splenic sequestration
Platelets are low in portal hypertension due to [_____]
Low sodium levels are described as this. It is a bad prognostic sign
A condition caused by a build up of bilirubin in the blood. Common sign of chronic liver disease
Varices can be banded using an [_____]
Muscle wastage can occur with chronic liver disease due to a decline in [_____] synthesis